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I know that for the most optimal gaming it's best to build a desktop from scratch, but right now I have some pretty good laptops available to me, and seeing how laptops are fairly difficult to upgrade, I am really interested in how well an external graphics card would fair while playing some top games.

So what are some good external video cards (if any). I would like to run Starcraft 2 pretty well, and possibly some shooters. But I also want to keep it pretty affordable.

Also, what kind of processor would I need to run these kinds of games with an external card? I have laptops ranging from as bad as dual core c-50 AMDs to as good as a top i7.
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  1. I haven't heard of any external GPUs that are available. Not to mention the limitations of connection interface that would be imposed on such cards (USB is not the way to go here)

    essentially this is what you're looking for:

    that came about in 2008 and has died since then, afaik. there are some 3rd party solutions out there, but all of them involve your laptop having a special port to begin with.

    so far, you're out of luck, if you want a good GPU in a laptop it needs to be on the motherboard.
  2. Google for ViDock. But the laptop must have a PC Express slot for you to use it.
  3. oh wow $250 for just a casing with cable. you buy your own gpu. lol which is another 150 if you want a good one. so in the end you're $400 out, dam add like $250 more and you can build a new desktop
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