L.A Noire low fps

Hi, I just bought L.A Noire through Steam and downloaded the 12go of it. But even in 800x600 and everything to low and performance. I lag so much, it's impossible to play. I did a scan with system requirement labs, it tells me I pass and should play with no problem.

My spec:

Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0 ghz
2gb ram (tried with 3gb, same thing)
GTX 460 1gb
Windows 7 x64

Is my processor too weak or Steam is taking too much juice?
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  1. Steam recommends a quad core cpu but I doubt that your's would struggle (i could be wrong), does overclocking your cpu have a significant effect on the performance of the game, if so then your cpu is the problem, But your memory looks like it might be the problem, from experience i have have used over 1Gb of memory when not doing anything on the desktop, it may be that you have too little ram for it. when the game is running open task manager and select performance. If your memory is full then your memory is definitely the problem.
  2. Hi, thanks for reply. When I have 2gb of ram and look in the task manager, it's almost at top. So I think 3gb would have solved the problem but it didn't. I'll try to overclock my CPU and see if it do something.
  3. LA Noire can use a fair bit of RAM, I see it use nearly 2GB on its own. Without more RAM you're going to have to shut down every non essential process to free up more RAM.

    The game also doesn't seem to be well optimized for multithreading. It leans very heavily on one of my CPU cores, loading it up to 100% while only loading the other 3 to maybe 50% at most. My GPU usage never exceeds 60% on quality at 1080p with my Radeon HD 6870, and I still get framerate drops below the 30 FPS cap. It looks like with the way it's coded now, I may actually have a CPU bottleneck that's causing issues. Definitely try overclocking, I may have to try that to get rid of the odd framerate drop.
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