Getting very very low FPS in Battlefield 3

I have:

AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE 3.4GHZ
ASUS 6870 (slightly OC)
8GB Corsair RAM

Even on medium settings I am getting like 20 FPS...something is very wrong. Based on the benchmarks I should be getting in the 50's even on high settings and 1080p.

Anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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  1. Other than updating to the newest drivers (both AMD and Nvidia have released new drivers for better BF3 performance) you do not really give us much to work with.
  2. alright I thought I'd update this in case anyone having the same problem was browsing and saw this thread.

    All I did was reinstall Windows and did not back up any stuff (was a new build, didn't have much anyways). Once I re-downloaded BF3 and I downloaded the 11.10 driver for my 6870 instead of the newer 11.11 and it works as intended now.
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