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Looking for recommendations on a good SDR mb for a Celeron 1.2ghz. Was thinking if either the Asus TUV4X (VIA Pro133T chipset), or the Asus TUA266 (Ali Aladdin Pro 5T chipset, supports SDR/DDR). http://www.asus.com/products/Motherboard/socket370.html
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  1. I personally would go for the Asus TUSL2-C motherboard. The VIA chipsets have too many problems.And ALI suffers from poor memory benchmarks.

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  2. I would agree with rick_criswell unless you go with DDR RAM with the TUA266. It won't improve much over the SDRAM but at least it'll be just ever so slightly faster than the competing SDR mobos. However since the actual FSB is only 133MHz, DDR gain will be minimal.

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  3. BTW can my slot 1 mobo support celeron 1.2ghZ?
  4. Someone is making an Slot 1 (slocket) converter that supports the Tualatin core, so yes, you could use the Celeron 1.2ghz if you get the right Slocket converter. I've thought about using a BX mb, but I'd like 4x AGP (the Abit BX133-Raid is nice, but no 4x AGP, like all BX mb's, and it's a socket 370 that doesn't support the Tualatin core).
    I don't remember off hand who's making the slocket for the Tualatin core :(
  5. yeah, figured as much, I was hoping to avoid the i815 chipset (don't like the 512mb limit on sdr memory). Oh well.
  6. I would suggest a nice BX board with the IP3t adapter from Powerleap. The BX performs so well that even though it's AGP2x it usually outperforms AGP4x boards, even in graphics benchmarks.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. Thanks for the info, gives me something else to think about. Too bad the Neo 370 FC-PGA to PPGA converter doesn't support FC-PGA2 (ie Tualatin core). If it did, I'd prob. go with that on the Abit BX133-Raid.
    Oh well, decisions, decisions..
  8. Aurgh, looks like they are only offering the IP3T w/1.2ghz Celeron @ $169. Kinda steap, considering you can get a 1.2ghz Celeron for $106 on-line (making the Slocket $63).
  9. ><font color=blue>"BTW can my slot 1 mobo support celeron 1.2ghZ?"</font color=blue>

    Hi, CraZZy:
    For your question I have something to say.
    I got the answer yesterday from the guys at <A HREF="http://www.powerleap.com/support" target="_new">http://www.powerleap.com/support</A>
    confirming that they have tested their PowerLeap™ PL-iP3/T™ with all the motherboards form their list of compatibility, including my Abit BH6 the very first version 1.01.
    <font color=green>”Compatible:
    Abit BE6-II (must select, "Force L2 to Enable" in CCP)
    Abit BF6, Abit BH6, Abit BX6 2.0, Asus P2B-DS, Asus P3B-F, Asus P3133, Asus P3V4X, BioStar M6TBC, BioStar M6TZF, Dell Dimension, XPS-H, Dell Dimension XPS-R (Read Review Here), Dell Optiplex GX1 (A07 BIOS), Dell Optiplex GX1P (A07 BIOS), Intel SE440BX, Intel SE440BX-2, MSI BX+ , MSI 6163, Tyan S1854

    The PL-iP3/T™ is poised to …upgrade solutions for Slot-1 Pentium-II, Celeron S.E.P.P. and Pentium-III systems. … to adapt Slot 1 systems to the voltage and GTL signal requirements of the new generation of Intel's "Tualatin" Pentium III (FC-PGA2) and Celeron-II (FC-PGA2) processors. …a typical* P-III system can reach speeds up to 1.26 GHz with the latest Pentium III-S CPUs (133 MHz FSB required), and up to 1.2 GHz when used with the latest Celeron-II CPUs (100 MHz FSB required).
    *Note: compatibility may vary.”</font color=green>

    By the way, my BH6 runs now at 133 MHz FSB with RAM set to CAS2,
    and my originally P-II-266/66 is o/c up to 333 MHz @133 FSB.
    Win98SE/Win2000/Win2000_Advanced_Server+Oracle8i - no a single crash, exclusively stable.
    So, could I try a Tualatin instead of Celeron-1200? What do you think?
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