Race Driver GRID Issues(no replay)

I've Tried Connecting To The Codemasters Game Forum,Couldn't But I Don't Want To know why.Its been few months i haven't played GRID,Then,i played it yesterday,no matter what race i played,no "View Replay" Key after the scoreboard appears,or after finishing the race,b4,when the 1st time i done installing GRID,same thing happen,but i don't know why after few days it appears after gaming with it a week or two,Now,it was gone.
Any1 face this issues b4? I Know i should post this problem at codemasters GRID forums,but somehow,i couldn't connect or go through their server,so that's why i came here instead,I wanted to view replay so that i can record the full race and then edit it upload to youtube. Sorry for the Bad english.
Waiting for further Replies and suggestion's.
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  1. OK. Thread Can Be Close Now. The Problem Is Because The replay File At My Computer>Local Disk C>Documents And settings>Application Data>Codemaster>Replay.PDF Is Corrupted. Everything is fine now After Running Cksdsk.
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