Problem with GAMES resolution ??

I use to play WARCRAFT 3..I hav a built-in 244MB INTEL Chipset Family Card & the game works absolutely fine on 1280x1024x32 without even a bit lag.
But I just bought Nvidia 6200 Turbocache. The problem is that when I try to play with the highest resolution it just lags like hell...:(
call of duty also lags with highest resolution... I can play it good (without lag) with this resoluition only i.e. 800x600
I hav downloaded the latest drivers but still the problem persists....
Here are my system specifications...
Pentium D 2.89Ghz
Dell LCD 17 inches
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  1. The problem is that a 6200 is a budget card and is very old now. What resolution are you trying the play at?

    Try a newer card, what is your budget? is your current graphics card PCI-E or AGP?
  2. Dude, I hate to tell you but that is about all you can expect with your setup.
  3. Dude !! Its a PCI-E & Im trying to play on the highest resolution 1280x1024x32
    & U r saying that I shud Go for a better card so it means that my BUILT-in INTEL EXPRESS CHIPSET FAMILY (244MB) with 1.0 pixel shader model is better than this Nvidia 6200??
    at least Intel card can run the game on highest resolution without even a bit lag...!!
  4. Did you get the latest drivers for the 6200?

    Try that

  5. Yeah, I agree with Mithness. Update your drivers.

    Also, when I built my current rig - before installing my 6970 I first turned it on and got Windows going and my Mobo drivers, etc - my onboard graphics scored 6.2 in the windows experience index.

    Some onboard graphics aren't too shabby.

    As for your 6200, did you get it brand new?
  6. Yeah ! I downloaded the latest drivers!! but still :/
  7. No it aint brand new ! I bought it second hand from market !
  8. HamzaRomeo said:
    No it aint brand new ! I bought it second hand from market !

    I take it that you are plugged directly into your new card and not the onboard. What do you have plugged into the video card, VGA, DVI, or HDMI?
  9. More RAM may help, I think 6200 Turbocache uses system ram to boost the graphics memory. You only have 1 gig to start with, that might be the problem.

    RAM is very cheap at the moment too.
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