Will this rig run the latest games at 30fps?

2.4GHz dual core AMD
HD Radeon 5450 1GB 64 bit DDR2
motherboard=abit NF-M2
XP pro 32-bit
soon to be win7 homepremium 64-bit

Can it run Skyrim 30 fps?
(30fps in this case is lowest dip is 30fps)
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  1. No it won't.
    Skyrim is a CPU demanding game, and the HD 5450 is not meant for games it's more welcomed in Home Theater PCs.
  2. I'm sorry I meant to ask like Crysis(1), CoD 4, WaW, mw3, and Battle Field Bad Company 2. Since BF3 sucked. Sadly.
  3. Hah! Battlefield would suck if you tried to play it with that!

    Your rig should be fine for all the games you listed. It's just that when you say "latest games" people think of battlefield and skyrim, and that rig won't be able to handle either at 30fps.
  4. You'd struggle to play any of the games you listed expecpt for maybe Call of Duty.
  5. What resolution do you use?
  6. 1280-480 or up.
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