MW3 tripple fail

So I've tried to log onto the MW3 forums to complain about the fact that you can repeatedly spawn in front of the enemy (my record is 11 times in under 2 minutes) and I've notice others complain about it too. Soooo when I tried to log on it requires your Xbox live account or PS3 account info to log onto the forums. Wow so PC users can't log on?

So then I cruise on over to the steam forums (where I purchased the game) and when it wouldnt let me log on (even though I was ALLREADY ON) I tried a reset of password. And it's random question (in place of the jumbled letters/numbers to authenticate you are a real person) was this question "Which is not a cat: Lion, Tiger, Beagle, Bobcat". I answered beagle and then tried Beagle, both were incorrect according the steam. I had a beagle as a kid. Im pretty sure he didnt meow or roar. GG steam, GG.

MW3 is a great game but has issues, among the many is the inability to post a comment about it on any main forum. Its a win I tell you.
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  1. anyone have a clue how to get on the official steam forums or MW3 forums?
  2. Same crap. Steam's question was "what is gordon freeman's first name". It does not accept the correct answer...
  3. have you tried using another browser?
  4. I use t he most up to date IE with Win 7. If it wont work with that the site shouldn't be up. BUT I tried my laptop that has both IE 8 and chrome on it. Same crap.

    The game is a waste of money. horseshit spawns aplenty. Theres more hackers on the game now than t here are legit players too
  5. even if you do complain , they probably wont change it .
  6. I was considering to buy this game, but with all the issues I've heard about it, its surely better to stick to mw2 lol
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