A7V266-E + Athlon XP 1500 won't boot Help Please

Okay, I am at my wit's end on this one. Hopefully someone out there will be able to help me out with this situation.
Originally I had an Abit KT7A and a Athlon 1 gig. I updated my bios and decided to upgrade my processor. Went to a computer show and was told that the board would support the XP 1500 so I bought it. Came home, put it in the board and nothing, put the 1 gig back in and nothing. So I bought the ECS K7S5A board to put the XP processor in. It wouldn't work. I took the 1 gig and put it in a known good system and it wouldn't work. Contacted AMD and they rma'd it. Got it back and it worked fine in the ECS K7S5A board. So I contacted AMD about the XP processor and they replaced that one as well. Well yesterday my wife said do whatever you have to do.. just get it working. So we went to a computer show and bought the A7V266-E. I came home put the XP in it, connected everything. Wouldn't work. All it would do is turn on, the fans would spin, the lights on the cdrom would blink, the hard drive light would flicker but got nothing on the screen. I did have the jumpers set for Palomino as well as reserved. I then changed the video card that didn't work, changed the ram, that didn't work, tried disconnecting all the cables and leaving no ram to see if I could at least get some type of beep codes. Nothing more than before.. acts like it is going to start.. but doesn't start.. just kind of sits there in limbo. So I get no beeps, and no video. Well I changed the jumpers back to Athlon/Duron and 1-2 instead of reserved and I put the Athlon 1 gig back in and nothing. Since I didn't try the 1 gig in there first I don't know if it is a bad board or if my processors are messed up again or what. I have tried everything I could possibly try. I am going to take the board back to the vendor today and see if there is anything he can do with the XP processor.. see if he can hook it up and test it.
Here is my configuration:
Enermax 550 Watt power supply
Athlon XP 1500 / Athlon 1 Gig
Creative Sound Blaster 5.1 Live Platinum w/Live Drive
Matrox G-450 Dual Head
Western Digital 40 Gig 7200 RPM ATA100 Hard Drive
HP CD-RW Drive
Digital Doc
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  1. I have an ASUS A7V266-E. Check page 24 of you manual #12. The manual is exactly backwards. DO NOT leave a jumper across the CLRTC pins.

    <font color=blue>Remember. You get what you pay for. :smile: All advice here is free.</font color=blue> :wink:
  2. I really appreciate the information but I figured that one out already. Bought an XP1800 today and booted no problem. Thank you OldBear.

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