"My Computer" taking a long time to detect drives

I've had this problem with this computer before, but not for a long time. It has recently resurfaced over the last week (during which the two major changes to my system were the addition of an ADSL router/connection, and the installation of XP Service Pack 2).

Basically, I get the little torch (you know the one I mean, that swings left and right, searching), the first time I open "My Computer" after booting. After about 5-10 minutes, it finds my drives and everything can continue as normal. They remain found - it does not happen again until after I reboot.

A week ago it was working normally, but now it does this. What is strange is that I've made no additions of drives or changes to existing drives or their configurations, so I'm assuming it is an OS issue.

Note though that it doesn't appear to be an issue affecting the whole of Windows Explorer - I can still immediately type in any folder path and go to it as normal before the drives are 'found'. It is only the main "My Computer" window which is affected
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  1. CD in your cd-rom? disconnected mapped network drive?
    One of your drives might be going bad..

    Not aware of any current SP2 bugs at this point.

    Try disconnecting your CD-ROM(s) and see if that might cause it.
  2. Hmm, it doesn't seem to be either of the CD/DVD drives or the secondary hard disk, or the floppy drive. And I don't have any network drive - all I have listed in "My Computer" are two hard drives, two optical drives and a floppy drive, but no particular one of them seems to be causing it.

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  3. Unplug the molex or ide cable from your CD-ROMS.. maybe even unplug the floppy.. boot up, then go into My Computer.
    If the same thing happens, you might have a problem with 1 of your hard drives, probably your secondary one..

    If it goes away, hook up 1 drive each boot.. one of them will be causing the problem.
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