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I just bought a Asus A7V-133, i installed all my devices and went to start it up with the Hard Drive plugged into the ATA 100 IDE slot. Well i went into Bios and notcied that it would not detect that i had a hard drive. So i switched it to the Primary IDE and it detects it just fine. So then i thought maybe i have to leave it on the Primary IDE, install my OS (Win98se) then install my PCI Mass Storage controller. Well i did that and when i switched back to the ATA 100 controller it still will not detect my Hard Drive. I don't know how to get it to detect it on ATA 100. Could you please give me step by step instructions on how to get this working? Also when i boot up my computer, right before the Windows screen it says something like "Ultra 100 Bios not installed, know drivers were found" or something like that. I was told by a friend that the Controllers have a seperate Bios you have to download? Well anyway please just help me get this working.

- Someone had also said that i have to plug it into my ATA 100 and set the Primary and secondary to "None"

Quote - "you wont see the hard drive being detected in the inital bios POST screen...

this board has the Promise controler on it, does it not? I am not to familar with the promise controler... but if you can, enter it's bios and make sure that the IDE chanel that the drive is set on is marked bootable.

in the bios, make sure that it tries to boot to either SCSI or IDERAID or whatever else that may be similar to that."

Did that!

By the way, the BIOS is up to date.

Mother board : Its a A7V-133 C

I am 99.9 % sure everything is hooked up right..what do i do??


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  1. First off if u have the hard drive plugged into the ata100, u wont see it in the motherboard bios. u will also not see it right away in the intial post (when the hard drive and cd-roms are usually displayed). You should, however see if it detects it right before the windows screen. Make sure u have the motherboard bios set to boot from ata100 or if that isnt an option then it should be set to scsi device. make sure u also enable "search for other boot devices". OK, now when u usualy see the "Ultra 100 bios not installed, no drives were found", it should show your hard drive there. That error message means it didnt find your drive on there. if it didnt find it, double check your jumper settings on the hard drive and double check your cable connections. all u should really have to do is plug your drive into the ata100 controller and just boot the system, dont go into bios and check for the drive or anything, just see if windows boots. if it does, it will problably also need the driver disks after windows boots and detects the new hardware.

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