Deus Ex HR Stuttering Issue

i Just picked up Deus Ex HR during the recent steam sale and right away I noticed the game was suffering from a slight stutter, despite my framerate staying a contestant 60+. I googled the issue and saw that it seems to be a common problem. After a lot of testing, I found that the only way to get the game to run smooth is to play in windowed mode. Anybody have any ideas what would casue the game to run fine windowed but not in fullscreen? Any suggestions would be appreciated, as I've tried every setting combination and did driver updates.
Win 7 64
i7 870
asus p7p55d-pro
gtx 560ti
4 gigs ddr3
onboard sound
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  1. are you running with vsync on or off?
  2. I'm running with v-sync and triple buffer on in DX11 mode. I tried running the game in DX9 mode, as I find games sometime perform better with dx9, but the framerate acually becomes quite a bit worse. I can't figure out why windoowd mode is ok, but not full screen.
  3. if you got vsync on, how is your fps 60+? what is your monitor refresh rate?
  4. I tried both v sync on/off and I get well over 60fps when it's off and a stable 60 when its on. Its seems to stutter the same amount regardless of vsync though. I also tried disabling it in game and force vsync through nividia control panel but it didn't seem to make a difference.
  5. gaming on pc never ceases to impress, haha, it's a puzzle every time.

    well, do you have any tools that you can check the load on the GPU? and clock rates?

    also, go to windows power settings set it to max performance
  6. AntiZig, just wanted to say that after further testing, keeping v-sync off seems to fix most of the stuttering I was experiencing. There must be a problem with the game and my screen resolution/refresh rate. That would explain why it runs fine in windowed mode and with v-sync off. Very strange. Thanks for the suggestions.
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