Should i buy a gaming pad or keyboard

I am getting in to pc gaming and am considering wether to buy a gaming pad or keyboard. I am also definietly buying a mouse but if you have any suggestions as to a low budget one then i am glad to hear them.

I have looked and the razor nostromo gaming pad seems ok as it cheaper and seems to have the buttons needed, or shall i pay that bit extra and get a keyboard?

Recommendations and Help or Advice would be greatly apreciated, Thanks.
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  1. if you're getting into PC gaming I'd advise you to stick with a regular keyboard for now. Depending on which games you play, keyboard is far superior to a game pad and you don't need a fancy one to practice your gaming skills. Once you've gotten used to M&K gaming then you'll be able to judge whether you really need an expensive gaming keyboard

    that said, if you play things like DMC or similar or racing/simulators then you might be better off with a wired 360 controller hooked up. It's a matter of preference in such situation.
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