USB Keyboard Not Allowing Number Keys To Function


I was browsing trying to find the answer to the problem of my USB keyboard NumLock light being on but the Numeric Keypad is simply not working, which is rather frustrating!

After browsing for a while I did not find much of a solution - tips like 'purchase a new keyboard' did not apply and I suspected it was a software problem not related to the hardware.

The light went on when I read the post by @Pam3000 which stated

Here is how I resolved this problem (in Windows XP)...Follow these simple steps:

Control Panel
Accessibility Options
uncheck "Use MouseKeys"
"Use MouseKeys When NumLock Is:" (select Off)

That should correct it restart needed!

The link for this is

I just want to say thanks for whoever posted that, - I was stuck on exactly that same problem - I have a USB keyboard and although the NumLock light is lit, no numbers will type from the number pad even though the keyboard appears to be not broken in any way.

Changing the accessibility options (Windows 7 -> Control Panel -> Ease Of Access Center -> Make the keyboard easier to use -> untick 'Turn On Mouse Keys' fixed it for me !

Thanks for posting that - I was trying to find the fix for a while!!!

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  1. Thanks for the tip lol.
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