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My elder scrolls 5: Skyrim is correctly installed, my PC can run it with amazing graphics, but after the first 30 seconds into the game (while in the cart), the sky, "turns off", this leads to a very frustrating visual issue.
I can still see the clouds, birds, etc, but every mountain and landscape far away looks "black", and all the mountain outlines are ugly; I feel quite sad, because for me, this is a big game breaking bug (dont know if its the game's fault), basically, the only environment that looks good, is the one in a range of 30 meters or so.
Also, this whole bug made the far away terrains look much closer than they really are.

Is there a soul with enough knowledge to help me fix this issue? PLZZZZZZZZZZ

(My PC is very up-to-date, and, I have played the first 30 min of the game up until the point when you are introduced to the open world, so I know my pc can make the game look breath taking with no lags.)
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    While I don't know the fix, have you tinkered with the graphic settings especially the view distance to see if that will fix the sky?
  2. All has been fixed, it was all about some drivers my new pc didnt have, Skyrim has been my second life for the past week.
  3. be honest it's your first life >.>
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