XP Installation Problems after Upgrade


Can anyone help with this one?

I have just upgraded a Presario 5441 to 20Gb and am unable to install XP onto it. I installed and formatted the HDD and it is set to cable select.

Each time I try it comes up with the error code:

IRQ not less or equal, XXX Stop: 0x0000000A0xFFBE000,0XOOOOOOO2,0X807D4AD4

I have also increased the ram by 256mb, I have 2 pc's running ATA hardware and am wondering if I could install the IDE disc onto one of these to install that way.


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  1. This is coming up during the install or before the installs begins?

    Switch your HDD over to Master if it's the only drive you have in there. That probably isn't the fix, but it's good practice.
  2. The fault message comes up at exactly 13 minutes left, during installation.

    Thanks for the other.
  3. If your HDD is hook up correct, then maybe it’s the CD it self or maybe the CD Rom. CD’s can get dirty and CD Rom’s can act strange, where they’ll load one software, but not another.
  4. What's your Hardware Setup?

    PNP OS: Set to No in BIOS.

    Reset ESCD in BIOS after you reset to Default. Save, attempt your load.
  5. Thanks everyone for the input I am working through the suggestions.

    PNP is showing "manual" or "auto" only and is set to manual - giving a list of IRQ's which are listed 1 upwards. The hardware set-up is as basic as it gets, with only the onboard hardware now configured - I've removed the modem and put the ram back to how it was before the problems - with no improvement.
  6. PNP manual or auto eh? Try auto.. never saw those options before.

    I was setting up my XP and with 7 minutes left to finish installing XP.. when it says "Saving configuration" or something to that effect, it'd lock up and/or reboot.

    The problem was I was running in Dual Channel with my memory.. but one of my dimms wasn't up to par, which was causing the problem.

    Try running on 1 dimm when doing the install.

    Basically, you're working off the CD and Hard drive at this point. It's definately something harware related in that it's rebooting. If it's consistent with 13 minutes left, chances are your CPU is not over heating.

    I'd run on one memory module, if it fails, try the other one.
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