Skyrim crashing at loading screen

So I played skyrim for about 1 hour yesterday, woke up this morning and go to play and now when I launch skyrim, I hear the noise from the intro screen, but I see no picture of what it should be(the bethesda logo) But I do see the little steam icon pop up bottom right saying you can alt tab out of the game or whatever. After that loading screen it just crashes to the desktop.

My rig is in my sig, I've tried disabling SLI, turning off AA, turning down the resolution, I've done the sound fix for 16bit 44hz, and I am thouroughly baffled at why skyrim isn't loading. Good thing I got it for free or I'd be pissed I wasted money on bethesda shotty game.

Anyone have any ideas or fixes they know of? Much appreciated
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  1. have you tried the steam option to repair game cache?

    or try reinstalling the game clean

    I doubt your hardware would be giving you a problem. So, either it's some software conflict or skyrim f*ed up

    try running in offline mode with like no internet and AV disabled. shut down as many processes as you can.
  2. I have just resolved this funny thing, and the solution is very weird.
    Between the last two times I've played I have made some changes in the sound quality (was recording something and left it at higher settings).

    Now, on starting the game I was getting this rougher weird sound during the intro and the game crashed just before giving me the menu (continue game, new game, etc).

    Then I went to Speakers in taskbar, RMB (right mouse button) and chose Playback devices, chosen my speakers, RMB to Properties, chosen Advanced tab and in Default Format chosen 16bit, 48000 Hz sound.

    And now it works again.
    Apparently the game has trouble adjusting the sound settings. Hope this helps!
  3. afaik, recommended sound settings are 44100Hz
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