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Soltek SL-75DRV2 S*cks

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a b V Motherboard
December 6, 2001 4:33:34 PM

I usually have great respect for the information provided on Toms Hardware and as such I have a tendency to purchase items that you recommend (your articles do influence people). As a result of your recent article (Mega Test: 13 Boards with KT266A and nForce 420D) I purchased the Soltek SL-75DRV2 motherboard. First, anyone in the US wanting to purchase this motherboard is going to have a hard time. It took me a while to find a vender that sold this motherboard and even then it was one outside the United States (Canada). It was a BIG disappointment! The article states "The Soltek is an ideal pick for any hardcore overclocker." Well, the board only lets you change the multiplier VIA JUMPERS! What is this crap? Anyone who "tinkers/overclocks" doesn't want to have to open the case every time you want to change something. The "RED STORM" overclocking option was useless. EVERY time I ran it to have it find the best overclocking setting it locked up the system. And I do mean LOCK UP! The ONLY way I could re-enter my system was to reset the bios via jumpers! So, I gave up on the "Red Storm" thing and decided to set the FSB to a very conservative 140mHz. The system rebooted into Windows XP Pro; however, it was unstable and I got the "blue screen". Upon setting the FSB back to 133 everything worked fine again. Prior to the Soltek SL-75DRV2 motherboard I had a Biostar AMD760 motherboard in my system (with all the same components in it) and was easily able to overclock the FSB to 140 with no stability issues. Also, anyone who has a Swiftech MC462 cooler- guess what!?!?! You cannot use it with the Soltek (and this is an overclockers motherboard?!?!?). There is a BIG FAT resister that sits very close to the socket that prevents the installation. You are able to get it to fit if you cut one of the corners of the cooler (which I DID so I could give this motherboard a chance- big MISTAKE) The moral of this story is: If you are REMOTELY "on the fence" between the Epox 8KHA+ or the Soltek SL-75DRV2, do yourself a favor and buy the Epox. I am RMAing the Soltek and purchasing the Epox!!!!!

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a b V Motherboard
December 9, 2001 2:11:08 AM

Oh, I was using a AMD 1900+ CPU as well... MAJOR STABILTY ISSUES with this board... Quick side note: I have gotten my Epox motherboard and LOVE it...
a b V Motherboard
December 11, 2001 6:47:01 AM

Thanks, you've just made my mind up not to get this board. I have it on order but it's not been despatched yet - I'm gonna go cancel it now.

I read on the web site about it needing the latest BIOS in order to work with the Athlon XP and then if that still didn't work, it needed to be returned for the motherboard to be physically modded.

I like to be able to buy products that work out the box, not this pile of wank. The review really hyped this board but I'm afraid to say it didn't cover some rather important issues with it.
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December 11, 2001 7:05:21 AM

Well, I don't seem to share <b>any</b> of your problems. It works great for me & is very stable.
I don't use the same cooler as you though, so I can't comment on that, but am aware of heatsink size restraints due to the layout around the cpu socket. As for the Epox board, yes it's a great board too.

As a side note, a tech at one of the local pc shops said they are sticking only with Soltek, Epox, & Abit for the KT66a systems they build, because 8/10 Asus A7V266-E based systems they have built have ended up being a RMA.



If you loan a friend $20 & never see them again, it was worth it.
December 11, 2001 7:07:29 AM

i like that phrase....
"pile of WANK"
i think i am going to use dont mind do you?
oh yeah, and motherboards requiring physical modifications to work with the xp are classified as NOT SUPPORTING THE XP......
soltek should do the right thing, and just sell their "MODDED" version the first time, assuming that all buyers will want to put an xp on it.
and if it has bad stability, then it is either the physical incapability of handling the timings of the xp, or the board itself.
kinda sucks for those of you who bought it, and dont want to either mod it themselves, or have to send it back to the manufacturer to be MODDED!!?!?!?!?!?!
wtf is up with that?


-Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
December 11, 2001 7:10:59 AM

what processor are you using?
and did you flash the bios?


-Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
December 11, 2001 11:52:00 AM

What I want to know is which board did they use for the review?

Did they get a 'pre modded' one with/without knowing it or did they use a 'retail' board that anyone can buy and struck lucky with the XP compatability?

My board is out for delivery today, according to the parcel tracking area on the couriers website, and I'm dreading what may happen when I fit it!!

Fingers crossed!
December 11, 2001 1:34:04 PM

I have one of these boards, I bought it the day after review and have tested it on an Athlon C 1200 and an Athlon XP 1800+, they both run perfectly stable with XP.

I tried the red storm overclocking and my machine was fine, I got to about 149mhz FSB 100% stable. I've got the memory at CL2 which was unstable on my KG7, fine on this board.

I must agree that the website is pants and the send the MB back for modification a load of poo. Who would send it back? You'd probably RMA it first...

Sys: Soltek SL-75DRV2, XP 1800+, 512MB Crucial DDR Cas 2.5@2, Fastrack TX2 IDE RAID PCI, 2x Maxtor D740X 60GB in RAID 0, Elsa Gladiac 920, SB Audigy, Tekram U315 SCSI etc etc
December 11, 2001 3:24:48 PM

hi Rabs.........i am going to buy the SL75DRV2 mb within 2 weeks, so do i have to update the bios or do some modeifications?

did u do the above?

wish if there was UnDo in the life
December 11, 2001 5:24:23 PM

Hi there blue heart

When I bought my board BIOS K3.5 was already on it. As long as the board has BIOS K3.5, all Athlon XP CPU's should be fine.

How does a 10823 points sound in 3dmark2k? about 8900 on my KG7-RAID...this bugger is fast...

I'll do a 3dmark2k1 score if anyone wants it.
a b V Motherboard
December 11, 2001 11:25:35 PM

Good thing I already bought an Epox board. I was about to wait for the Soltek, but I lost patience and went for the Epox which is already available here in the Philippines.

BTW, if you happen to use a GeForce3, here's a tip at this site.
December 12, 2001 12:09:06 AM

yeah, what about 2k1...
i havent tested this computer with 2k...
maybe see how my comp performs compared to a higher cost board.


-Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
December 12, 2001 4:29:37 AM

tested last night.

This is @133mhz FSB remember - 7923 3dmark2k1
December 12, 2001 6:10:16 AM

my friend gets 7918 on his geforce2 ti, on an athlonxp 1600+, on an ecs k7s5a with the bus set to 133...
hmm...need to test my comp again...forgot what i got.


-Live, Learn, then build your own computer!-
a b V Motherboard
December 13, 2001 3:23:23 AM

I was using an AMD 1900+. The bios on the board was already updated to the latest bios version. I read some people above stating they might buy this motherboard?!?! Well, just make sure the vender you use has a nice RMA policy :)  Can you tell how much I REALLY hate this board??
Here is a link to an article/review that was done on this motherboard (they too had stability issues, but they were able to FINALLY resolve them with some funky memory tweaks):

Oh, one final note... I did the Toms Hardware article: "Plastic Surgery: Releasing The Athlon XP To Hit 2000" When I was using the Soltek MB I keep thinking I did something wrong (didn't make a connection on the CPU or didn't use a conductive enough silver product etc) because when I set the multiplier to 12.5 (and also increase the voltage by .1 - per the THG instructions) the Soltek MB wouldn't even start- just blank screen.... Well, I AM VERY HAPPY to say, I "DIDN'T DO A DAMN THING WRONG" and the THG instructions DO work... My AMD 1900+ is unlocked and is WORKING in my EPOX motherboard as a NEW and improved 2000+ chip :)  ... For SOME strange reason the unlocked chip wouldn't work in the Soltek motherboard- but would work only at the default multiplier settings!?!?!? Just my opinion, but damn, how many more reasons do you need.... "THIS BOARD SUX"
a b V Motherboard
December 13, 2001 9:55:36 AM

I have A Soltek SL-75DRV2 board.

I have also got the info to spot the MOBO that don't support XP's, the MOBO needs a red dot on the bar code label on the PCI slot inordre to work with the XP's. All boards with a red dot has been modified. (Info from the Soltek support).

I am not an overclocker, but it seems to work for me, I had no problems RMA the first MOBO, I got a replacement 2 days after, no problem.

a b V Motherboard
December 14, 2001 12:45:41 PM

Just checked (sending the board back today)- mine had a red dot just where you said it would be! But, unfortunately, that didn't help... It still wasn't stable with my AMD 1900+ Why would it be stable with a 1600, but not a 1900... Weird..