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Framerate is choppy/stuttering

Nvidia GTX 560 (Non-Ti) (Latest drivers installed)
Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
AMD Athlon II 645 3.1 GHz Processor

Those are the basic specs. My problem is that every game I play, (this happens with all games, but it's not as noticeable on low-spec games) my framerate stutters, before it ran on a constant 60+ FPS but now it just drops to 1 for about a second, then continues to run at 60. It happens when I move my mouse around alot on a high sensitivity, but it also happens when something intense goes on (screen shaking from getting shot at, ex. BF3 taking shots and dying).

My computer -should- be able to handle most games. I know the PSU isn't the issue, in fact it fixed it alot more than my old 475W PSU. I applied thermal paste to my CPU, which helped slightly by reducing the drops a bit more. I do -not- have a really good internal hard drive (I didn't build my own PC, I bought it and just changed the hardware. I regret it.) and I heard buying a new "RAID" hard-drive fixed the problem, but I just need someone to confirm it or identify another fix.
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    You're CPU could be bottlenecking your GPU, and your CPU is struggling to keep up, needing a "1 second break" everytime that *** gets intense, I would say it is probably your CPU. might need to upgrade, just out of curiosity what is your PING when this thing happens, maybe it could be lag?
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    AceD :sol:

    Single player, so pretty much no latency. It could be my CPU; its pretty new. It is possible it is bottlenecking though; but I wouldn't say that it only stutters when things get intense. It stutters randomly when there isn't much going on either. It's just a strange problem; with many possible solutions. I'd just like a sure one.
  2. Check the temperatures.
    If any of the parts of overheating they n tone down the performance in order to cool down.
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    Solved. -- Your CPU is bottlenecking. Dont listen to the hype of the popular benchmark out right now that shows the cpu doesnt affect performance. That was done on a scripted movie scene in single player. Pay 115 bucks for a phenom x4 3.4 ghz and you will not only stop stuttering, but double your FPS. Especially with that 560, you need to do it justice.
  4. One of the things you'll notice in BF3 is when you get that severe stutter, there will be a specific set of sounds causing it a lot of the time. This is because BF3 attempts to make use of more than 2 cores. A repair installation might fix the stutter, but the performance will still be cut in half, literally, with a x2 processor.
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