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Laymen's Explanation (KT7A BIOS update)

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December 7, 2001 6:17:41 PM


I was looking at the Abit website for newest motherboard info, and I came across these notes with regards to the newest BIOS update:

-Add 1400(133) Athlon support for KT7A/KT7A-RAID.
-Add new option "1200 above" for high speed Athlons with 100FSB. KT7 / KT7-RAID / KT7A / KT7A-RAID / KT7E only support 1.4G(100) Athlon with L1 bridges disconnected. Check L1 before you buy a CPU please!

I'm trying desperately to keep up with the latest techno-babble, but it's been relatively tough recently.

The first note says it supports 1.4GHz processors at 133FSB, correct? The second note says that the motherboard only support 1.4GHz processors, but at 100FSB.

I must be missing something. I read somewhere that it's possible to 'pencil in' the L1 bridge (meaning I can draw on my CPU?) I assume it's refering to making sure that there is NO 'drawing' on the L1 bridge?

Any tips would be great.


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December 7, 2001 6:29:17 PM

It's saying that it only supports 1.4/100 CPUs when the L1 bridges are locked. You're correct, this is when they are not pencilled in (or closed by other means).
It will also support 1.4/133 CPUs.

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December 7, 2001 6:32:42 PM

So I am safe to assume that only if I 'pencil in' the L1 bridges will I be able to use a 1.4G (133) processor?

Thanks for the reply. It takes me a while to get it when I have to read it. I'm much better with visualizations. I'm right-brained. :) 


"He who laughs, lasts"