GA-71XE & RAM problems

My older second machine has a Gigabyte GA-71XE and an Athlon 600 cpu. Recently the machine has developed an error in the memory system. I can get a single 256mb stick to work but if I put in more I get am error with Nortons diag. and some instabilty. I have tried 3 different 256mb sticks and all will work in any slot on their own but not if any other stick is in the other slots.. The story is the same if I use 128mb sticks - one stick is OK but 2 or 3 and it fails. It does not seem to matter if I use 100 or 133mHZ ram

Is this really a ram problem or is the motherboard faulty??

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  1. Have you updated the BIOS, maybe that can fix some mem problems.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
  2. I will flash the Bios BUT the problem only started last week after almost two years of faithfull service so I discounted the Bios as a fix.

    I have checked the RAM in other machines and they all appear OK.

  3. Have you changed your OS or installed any new software lately?

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  4. No, still using Win98 (first release) and no new installs near or over the problem period.

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