Skyrim -- how to update to 1.1 patch on fresh install


A bit confused by something and would appreciate your help.

I just received my copy of the game on disk yesterday (unfortunately already after the 1.2 patch). What I'd like to do obviously is install and activate the game, just patch it up to 1.1 and then leave Steam offline so I don't get 1.2 until the problems are sorted out. Now, I can get the full 1.1 patch on torrent and install that to my game folder, but I also see another solution that has come out on forums and even at Softpedia (see -- I don't really understand that. It's a really small file. Does that only give you the 1.1 patch if you've already had it before? Or is it the full 1.1 patch? The torrent for the 1.1 patch is much larger. I hope I'm not being too confusing :) Basically, I just want the full 1.1 patch and functionality that everyone had and that's it. Should I torrent the 1.1 patch or does this other smaller file work too even if you've never had the 1.1 patch before.
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  1. Hehe, I went to see which version I had and I have it set to "do no automatically update" but it just updated me to 1.2 so much for that....
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