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Hello Everyone,

Well my issue is as follows:

I'm playing Skyrim with 30 fps - graphics card ati radeon HD 3870, and i have the last driver 11.11.
My problem is that I don't have light sources e.g. no flames in fire places, some fire skills dont have flames, and the biggest minus is that I can't complete quests where light source plays a major role :(

Please, if anyone has a solution for the mentioned problem let me know how you solved it.
In advance thx!

Best regards!
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  1. Google for drivers 11.11c. They have beta drivers that have fixed a number of issues with Skyrim.
  2. I just did the update to 11.11 c. Well my fps are now about 55 on high settings but i still got the problem with no lights like mentioned above :(
  3. This sounds like it's either a corrupt install, or a hardware issue. You could try to reinstall Skyrim. Does this issue with light sources ever happen in other games?
  4. Hi,

    I have the same problem here with a ati mobility radeon hd 3870 X2 ...

    I hope it'll be fixed soon.
  5. I've only heard of this issue here, and both times it was 3870's. I'm guessing it's related to the series of card.
  6. I have and HD 4250 and I have the same exact problem.
  7. probably because your 4250 is even weaker than the 3870 which itself just about beats a 96gt and if you have the mobility version then your way way under spec. because the 3870m is roughly half the power of a desktop version.

    yes the 3870 is listed as minimum requirements but it also shows an nvidia 8800 which is actually more inline with a 4850/4870 performance wise and in a different league to the 3870 so im thinking that some 1 has made a typo on the requirements. leaving you to buy a game that would never work propperly on your limited hardware.... sorry...
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