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I have a Abit TH7II MB (no RAID) with a 2GHz P4 and am getting an error during boot. The MB thinks my chip is 800/100MHz, and when I go into softmenu and set it for 2000/133, with 400MHz RDRAM, it gives me the following:
'CPU is unworkable or has been changed. Please recheck - CPU softmenu.' I have the option of going into the BIOS (Del) or hitting F1 to continue - hitting F1 the system boots/runs no problem (though I'm not sure what speed it's running at). Any help? I'm running Windows XP Prof, Leadtec Geforce3, Soundblaster Audigy, Linksys 10/100 network card. Under System Properties it shows it as a 2.0GHz P4, but below it 796MHz.
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  1. The P4 does NOT have a 133MHZ bus. It has a 100MHZ QDR Bus. The settings you need are 100MHZ bus and 20x multiplier. Since the P4 is multiplier-locked, a 133MHZ bus will mean a core speed of 2.66GHZ!!!
  2. Extremely ignorant of me - I should have known better. Works fine/thank you... mea culpa.
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