i need help upgrading an old athlon 600, plz read!

hey, i have a hp 600 athlon with 128 megs of ram, i need some more speed, and i need to know what the motherboard can take, and i have never heard of the chipset before

on the mobo itself it has K7M, thats just the manufacturer eh?

and the actual chipset is VIA VT82C686A
ive read i can upgrade to 384,258,and 512 megs of ram, i need to know how much, and how fast an athlon i can get

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  1. You probably have an asus board. When booting up your system, hit the pause key and write down the bios version (at the top) and the serial number (at the bottom) to verify your mobo specs. You may be able to run a thunderbird 800 or 850 slot a. Personally, if I had a slot a system, I would sell it in the local paper and start over, with systems being so cheap. You can get an xp generic system with win98 or other operating system for about $400 (inclucing shipping) on pricewatch. Cheaper than upgrading.
  2. I've been using a K7M for several years now and if you want to know something about the board go to:
    My board is the "superbypassenabled" and I have always been satisfied with it but I'm not a gamer.
    H9ope this helps you.
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