Games like bf3 and crysis 2 and jc2 crash suddenly after 2-20 mins.

why do games like bf3 , crysis 2 , jc2 crash sudddenly after 2=20 mins of gameplay ?

nvidia driver = 280.26
card= gtx 580.(no overclock)
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  1. Sounds like overheating? At least to me it does. Could try updating to any of the new nvidia whql/beta drivers as well.
  2. use evga precision or msi afterburner to check your card temps, try to alt-tab out of the game to see the temps just before you might think it would normally crash.
  3. Are you overclocking anything? If so try running at stock to isolate the problem.

    Is your PSU upto the job? Does your video card have all the external power sockets plugged in?
  4. i have about six fans throughout my rig (the cooler master HAF ) my psu is 850w. and the temperatures while in midst of gameplay are roughly from 85 - 95 . is this bad ?
    and no im not overclocking anything.

    oh and btw if i turn on the windows 3gb switch(i have 32 bit win7) this problem does not persist ... ! wierd?
  5. i've had mine hit 95, but panicked and shut it down, I think technically 100 is ok, but I manage mine to 80 with fan profiles.
  6. yeah i know what u mean :P . so i think maybe this has something to do with my win7 being 32 bit. cause the extra 1gb from the 3gb switch seems to fix everything.
  7. so you're stable now? was that removing RAM? could be a bad stick?
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