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I have a HP xl756 (model # P1358A) computer that was given to me and I would like to up grade the memory on the board. I went to the HP site and the specifications list that the maximum memory allowed is 2 sticks of 256MB of SDRAM at 133MHZ. However, I have seen sticks of 512MB of SDRAM at 133MHZ for sale, which is what I would like to put into my machine.

I bought one stick of the 512MB memory and tried it in my computer and it didn't recognize the additional memory. I called HP support and they (said though not very confidently) that the motherboard and the bios couldn't "handle it." My first question to you gurus is - Is there a hardware reason why a motherboard can "handle" a 256MB memory stick of RAM but couldn't handle a stick of 512MB memory of the same type?"

I couldn't think of a reason to the above question and my initial thoughts have been that the bios must be the reason the computer can't "handle" the larger memory stick. I talked to the HP support guy and he said that he didn't know if they were going fix the bios to support a larger memory size. So my next question is - Can I get a different non-HP bios that will run on my machine or is there some proprietary crap about HP that will prevent this?

My initial thoughts to the above question was that I could, but that I would have to get a motherboard specific bios. However, I can't determine who made my motherboard. I have went to the HP web site and it doesn't tell me who the motherboard manufacturer is. I opened the computer up and it is socket 370 motherboard with a Intel 810E chipset that supports my Pentium 3 667MHZ. It says "MEW-AM" in large white writing near the card slots (Don't know if this is relevant but thought it might help). The specs on the HP web page says that it has level 1 cache on the processor of 32kilobytes and a level 2 cache of 256KB. My next question is (assuming my initial thoughts have been correct so far) is - Where can I find out the manufacturer of my motherboard (I have already tried the HP site and support #)? Is there a certain place on the mother that manufacturers will stick their mark? Also once I have found out who my motherboard manufacturer is, is there a good site that will have bios for the all the different kinds of socket 370 boards?

Thanks in advance. . .
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  1. This is most likely an asus board, a lot of hps have asus boards. I tried to look it up, but the asus website seems to be down

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  2. Not getting a boat anchor . . . already have it :) It was given to me as a xmas gift last year. I am just trying to speed it up as best as I can.
  3. It is a hardware problem. Intel 810E chipset only support 512 MB of RAM. You can check Intel's website to see if it support 512 MB stick.
  4. Hey W,
    I think that remark about the boat anchor is "pbd80"'s "Signature" and has nothing to do with your PC or your post. I believe he is making his own spoof on Dell's "Hey Dude, you got a Dell" ad. About your PC though, what OS are you running and what high memory use software are you running? I am not sure you would see any gain in running 1024mb of sd-ram over 512mb of sd-ram.... but if you already got the sticks, I could see how you would want to use them. I wish I could give you a answer, Good Luck.
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  5. Doh! Didn't realize it was his signature :)

    Tilepusher: The OS I am running is Win 98 SE, but that can be changed it would allow me get more memory. I guess I will ask the newbie question - why would you not get a gain in running 1024 MB of sdram over 512 MB of sd-ram?

    Upec: can the chipset be replaced easily to get a better chipset that would recognzire more memory or is it pretty much welded to the board?

    I appreciate all the info so far
  6. The chipset is not easily removed or replaced. I suggest this to onle experts who have great skill at electronics soldering.
    Not too many programs use nore than 512mb of memory. Unless you are doing video graphics rendering or something along these lines. Most games don't need any where near 512.
    The 512mb is a chipset limitation. Nothing you can do about it.

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  7. dude, you cant make the board recognize any chip other than the one that it was designed for.
    they usually have different pin-outs, and will require a total board redesign, and a different bios, among other things.
    anyways, finding a bare chip to put on it is going to be difficult.
    and it would end up being easier/cheaper to just buy a new motherboard.
    and as for the over a gig of memory, i would say that you would be very happy with 512 megs...

    that is a pretty decent ammount of ram.
    think about it this way...
    windows 98se needs a bare minimum of 16 megs to run.
    sure, it will run, but slowly.
    after you hit 128, you are going to be running pretty smooth.
    256, better, but not as noticeable as 16<64<128.
    256<512...probably will only notice it on things like photosop, flash5, or 3d studio max.
    1 gig of ram is more than 98se can handle anyways...and if your board does not support it, dont worry.
    you should be plenty ramifed with 512 megs.
    that was an odd sentence.
    but yeah, >256 megs of ram should be more than enough.


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  8. Hey W,
    Although I believe it has been covered already, I will say what I believe to be true. On the OS of Win 98 SE, I do not believe it can utilize more than 512 mb of Ram. You can get around this OS limitation by going to Windows XP or Windows 2000. If you change your OS, you still have the limitation of the kind of software that you are running, as that most app.s do not need or use more than 256 mb of ram.
    On the Hardware side, in general, no one should change anything on the mobo that is permanently fixed to the mobo. With up to 6 layers, mobos will get damaged rather easily by the heat of a soldering iron. If someone knows how to do this kind of micro-electro surgery they will most likely charge you more than the cost of a new mobo. I do not know of anyone who can change a chipset.
    The chipset in a way is the heart of the mobo. No matter how good the mobo is manufacuered(think ASUS), if the chipset performs poorly, so does the mobo & system.
    To get better performance consider getting a new system, or a faster CPU if your mobo supports it. Although, if I had to guess, I would not think your system was that terribly slow. You would most likely gain some speed, by reformatting the HDD and reinstalling Windows and the latest hardware drivers. If you are adventurous read up on your CPU and mobo on Over-Clocking sites and slowly tweak your system to the edge of Heat & Stability. That's what I am in the process of doing, with my EPoX 8KHA+ and Athlon XP 1700+.........but I seem to have run into a over-heating problem and USB problems......... Need more fans! Good Luck with your system.
    Peace Out........tile

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  9. yeah that is my signature, I need to change it, it is confusing people. I can't think of anything good though, maybe a crack about those aliens putting p4's in their computers would good.

    Dude!, you're getting a boat anchor!
  10. if you go to and use mobocop it will identify your mobo
  11. Hey P,
    I kinda liked it! I think it's time to change my sig to something that is funny too! Yes, with my sense of humour, I doubt anyone will understand it or if they do..... they will not think it is funny. Oh well. I am just a geek, who is not as smart as I think I am. Good Luck with creating your new sig!
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  12. Hey P,
    This is all I could come up with.........Yeah, it's very weak! I keep working on my sig! I'll get it one day! And people will laugh not just goofballs, normal people too! Oh well, back to the drawing board. Later
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  13. Quote:
    I need to change it, it is confusing people

    Just put it in <i>Italics</i> or <b>Bold</b> or <font color=red>Change the color</font color=red> or a <i><font color=green>combination</font color=green></i> and it won't be so confusing

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