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Hey ppl. I'm hoping that someone has overcome the problem I am currently facing and could help. I have my Xbox to far away from my router and so I am bridging it through my labtop to obtain live. It has been working great (except for having to test the connection every time so as to have a open NAT) but recently it has been acting up and the Xbox won't automatically find an IP address, subnet, gateway, or any of the DNS settings. I can still get online if I manually fill in the information listed above but when I do this it gives me a moderate NAT. So I suppose my question is how to fix this problem or at least how to achieve a open NAT?
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  1. If your laptop is getting the signal through wireless then my suggestion is to just buy a good wireless gaming adapter instead. I used my laptop before without any issues but it is surely not the best option (i just forgot my gaming adapter when on vacation).

    I personally use the Linksys WGA54G and it has worked for me for many many years.
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