Help guys. Battlefield 3 low fps

intel core2 duo oc'd to 3.57 Ghz
4 gigs ddr2 ram
EVGA nForce 780i mobo
2x Nvidia geforce 9600GT (SLi)
windows 7 64 bit

I recently moved and apart from the rumble and tumble of being carted across country, I havent really changed anything on my rig except for the ISP... so now that I'm having all sorts of awful lag problems in game, which in some ways are represented as visual glitches, I'm sort of left scratching my head as to what to do.... I'm on a DSL connection, same as before on now with a different router and ISP. I wish I had checked my FPS before, but being that I was able to play the game pretty smoothly I never had a need for it. Now it's running at max 18 fps and gooing as low as 5 fps at some points... my question is: will latency have an affect on this FPS value rendered though the ingame GUI, or is this strictly an interpretation of the hardware performance?
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  1. well... I fixed it. guess some times all you need to do is write the problem down and then the answers begin to reveal themselves.

    it was simple as setting the firewall setting on the router's gui to accepting all inboudn traffic (gui was accessed by connecting to gateway in firefox browser)

    My FPS is up to 34 now and holding pretty strong, not too bad considering the outdated hardware imo.
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