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Hi. I'm noticing a bit of a texture and light/shadow glitch in Skyrim. If I turn slowly in some areas, the textures on the walls and floor sometimes "skip". Like if I'm outside and turn slowly, the light and shadow on the ground sometimes kind of skip and change. Example, an area in front of me might be shadowy, I turn a degree to the left or right and it goes sunny. Or if I'm inside looking at the walls; there might be a particular type of stoney texture on the wall, I turn a bit to the left or right and it skips to another kind of stoney texture instead of just being steady. Is there a fix? Does everyone get this? Thanks.
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  1. afaik, everyone gets the different textures, it's an engine issue. as far as shadows go, might be processor not being able to get the info quick enough
  2. I've had scenery (water and rocks) not appearing, unless you look at them in a certain way.
  3. Okay. Thanks. Just a general bug then.

    @13thmonkey, yeah, I've had that too, like flags and banners and mural type things vanish if you turn slightly one way or the other and then reappear as you turn back.
  4. i just installed the game and am having a similar problem.. trying to find a solution now.
  5. Ok i figured it out... the solution for me was to go into CatalystCC, and turn Catalist A.I texture Filtering quality to high quality, and uncheck the Enable Surface Format Optimization box. Solved my problem you should try it.
  6. actually, it seems that turning off anti aliasing is what did the trick. The textures are bugged when aliasing for me so maybe that's your problem too.
  7. Okay. Thanks, computadoro. I'll look into that next time I play.
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