Skyrim Graphical lock up

Hello ther etomhardwarians,

Heres my inquiry, while playing Skyrim after 1-2 hours (or sometimes it doesnt happend at all) the monitor goes one color and the computer locks up completely forcing me to restart. This also happends after an hour of watching flash videos (youtube). Stuff i've tried:

1. Checking if its the temperature, stays at max load at 70ish (GPU), CPU at 40ish
2. Complete driver wipe and reinstall
3. fiddling with gfx settings (aa/high/med/low/ultra)

As far as i can tell there is nothing extraordinary going on when i crash, i can be fighting, talking, forging, sleeping etc etc and it could happend

Thanks for any ideas!
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  1. Sounds like a lifetime problem for one of your hardware (not limited to your CPU/GPU)
  2. But if it was, wouldnt other games lock up? (which they haventy so far)
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