I need a suggestion 300-350 gaming computer

to run like team fortress 2 on high very high or crysis med to high or starcraft med high
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  1. your best bet for getting a computer that will play crysis on medium or better for 350 is second hand. for 350 your looking at a dual core possibly an amd 630 and a gtx 240 if you bought it prebuild refurb from a shop.
    you wont get much more if your source and build yourself...
    350 will get you a very basic machine but add another 150 and you could get an i5 rocket.

    i mean you could get away with a cheap case 30, a cheap psu 35 basic value ram 4gigs 40 500gig hdd 40 dvd burner 15, whats left is for the motherboard cpu and gfx. 190 isnt gonna get a lot im afraid... but like i said add another 150 in a few weeks. you would have 340 to spend on a motherboard cpu and gfx and for that money you would be getting very reasonable parts.
  2. Hexit, what do you think about llano? the expansion could then to add an additional card coupled with the igpu? Its a bit of a dead end platform-wise, but if lowish res (1440x900) and down gaming is the target then it should be enough. I'd be concerned with the Cheap PSU, as it'll very quickly need changing.
  3. tbh you'll be lucky to get a decent harddrive for under $100 with the current market.
  4. joedastudd said:
    tbh you'll be lucky to get a decent harddrive for under $100 with the current market.
    But if you have a computer you're upgrading from just gut it and use it's hard drive. Not to mention with a new hard drive half the time you'll need a new OS unless you can convince your old OS that the new configuration isn't some high seas pirate job.
  5. @Mag05003 true.
    I was pointing it out as HEXiT budgeted 40 a 500gb harddrive.
  6. im in the uk m8 and a 500 hdd is less than 40 pounds. which because uk prices are already expensive compared to the u.s i assume you can get a 500 gig hdd for around the same. but your rite the shartage of hdd is starting to affect price. what was 50 bux last week is 70 this.
  7. 300- to 350 what ?

    Bananas !
  8. I'm from the UK and non of my preferred (scan, ebuyer, aria or overclockers) suppliers have 500gb harddrives for less then £70.
    You used to be able to pick them up for £40, but due to the recent flooding in Thailand the prices have gone through the roof.
  9. www.pricewatch.com has competing retailers listing their products, so it reflects the CPU market's general prices and you can figure stuff out here. It's a great reference at least for pricing ideas. $190 would get you more than enough for a video card and motherboard. I got a 550ti for $80 and a GA-z68AP-D3 for $80. Running BF3 @1920x1200 on ultra :)

    TF2 can be run maxed on a 9800GT card which is attainable for $50 now. There are better cards for even less than that too. Crysis is what you'd need to worry about.
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