Anyone playing SWG?

Just curious what those who have played it think of it.
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  1. I'm checkin it out currently. I play with a friend, we're still getting the hang of it. It's not bad so far as for stability. Still alot of buggy quests and stuff though, but I'm going to stick it out.
    I'm a starwars geek for sure. =/

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  2. I've been playing since the second day it came out and I have to say it's been a blast. They are still having server issues, but considering the amount of people who have bought the game (supposedly 500,000, EQ has around 400,000 registered players) I think this is understandable. I like that you don't necessarily have to play a combat type class and can spend your time being a musician or bartender (if you work your way up to it) if you want. Just stay away from the official forums because they could lead one to believe that this is one of the worst games ever released.
  3. My roomate has been playing it since day 2, and it looks incredible. I wish I had the time to put into it to tell you the truth

    I might brake down this fall and trade off sleep for playing this game

    It's all good ^_^
  4. Review of the game, <A HREF="" target="_new">here</A>.

    *Warning - I have an insider account, and I'm not sure if this review needs insider access. I didn't see an "i" next to the article, so I think it's free to everyone. Sorry if it's not.


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  5. I just ordered my new system (PIV 2.4c + ASUS I865PE mb + 512mb PC3200), but am playing it on my PIV 1.3ghz 256mb RDRAM system. It chugs along so it is like a slideshow almost. I think the lack of RAM is why. In any case, my new system should make the game fly.
  6. another review here.<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    Sounds kinda boring and since you cant have more then one toon per server, that would bore me even more. I might check back in 6 months and maybe they will have more content.

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