Gaming console with Keyboard Mouse comb ?

Hi Folks
Heres a quick one for you.Re Gaming consoles.

Is there one out there that has a input for a keyboard / mouse combo as i do all
my gaming on Pc's but would like to know if there is such a beast out there ? and if
so soes anyone have experience with it


Dav ;) e
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  1. afaik, all last gen consoles have 2 usb ports. seeing how you need 2 usb ports for what you're asking, the only issue you'd have is compatibility of games to that controls set up

    "Max Shooter is a unique adapter that allows you to use a PS2 controller, or a keyboard and mouse on your Xbox 360. You will be able enjoy First Person Shooters (or any other games where precision targeting is important) the way they are meant to be played."

    Now i cannot tell you about game control compatibility as i have never tried it myself. And frankly on a console a controller would just plain be a better option.
    PS_ they also make one from the same company for PS3
  3. I've used the adapter as mentioned by steimy and they work with pretty much every game on the 360, I would definately recommend it (it won't let you use the keyboard as a full keyboard, just for gaming input as the interface only emulates the controller and maps the controls off).
  4. Thanks folks
    I do like the idea of using a mouse / keyboard combo as the times i have tries using the supplied controller
    on my friends console i really could not get the hang of them :cry: and the game play was verging on useless
    Must be all the time i have spent gaming on pc's

    Now just need to find someone close by who has one i can try a keyboard with
    Thanks guys

    Dav ;) e
  5. I wish they'd allow Keyboard/Mouse on consoles and merging of PC/Xbox Live services.

    We can all wish...
  6. well the funny thing is and I'm sure majority will agree with me that an average mouse & kb player on PC will have easy time destroying a veteran controller player in an fps. I do know there's some degree of "being used to" using one or the other, but once you get set in one way, the alternative just feels so unnatural and inferior.

    I feel your problem, I remember when I went to college a lot of people would invite me to play some fps (halo was big back then) and they'd give me an xbox controller, I'd do terribly and it would be laughable, but I always told them - "Hey, give me a mouse and keyboard and I'll see who'd be laughing then"
  7. Guys
    Will this mouse / keyboard combo really work with the likes of MW3 and BF3 ? if im correct there was a xbox 360 deal where u get
    the xbox and MW3 combined for like $280

  8. In the same boat. Looking for the best XBox + mouse / keyboard setup.
    I'm considering "eagle eye" from

    There is a list of supported keyboard / mouse. Which is very important to me, since customizing the key mapping is the main advantage and preference of controls.
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