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Hi guys,

I recently got Skyrim but its performance was really poor. I cannot play on Ultra even though my rig is supposed to pass recommended status on canyourunit.com. When I try to play on ultra it crashes on the loading screen.

However when I play it on High settings everything runs smoothly(except for a few occasions of stuttering and fps lag in combat-heavy areas).

Here are my specs:

Intel i5-650 3.2ghz @ OC'ed 4.0ghz
4gb RAM DDR 1333
According to canyourunit.com it passed the recommended ratings so I am pretty confused as to why my rig cannot play on Ultra. Any ideas?? Or should I upgrade for a gtx560ti? I heard ppl could max it out easily on a 560/580...
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  1. If it runs fine on high then just leave it at that. Dont bother with ultra as it is miniscule difference and can only be seen when its a still image. On a game like Skyrim high is sufficient and since there are parts where it is quite fast paced you wont notice any difference.

    If you are desperate to play on Ultra I would suggest upgrading your CPU as that seems to be the only major downside with this system.
  2. Do you have the latest nvidia driver in order to support SLI set up? You can also download the skyrim4GB fix that allows you to use 4GB of RAM instead of 2GB that bethesda decided to cap it at. Also, what resolution are you playing at? With your cpu up to 4.0Ghz you should be at ultra so a little suprised it keeps crashing which is why I suggested the RAM fix.
  3. What is your storage like? it uses some weird system to stream textures. If you have slow storage and want to load huge textures that could be a problem.
  4. I have the latest beta nvidia driver, 290.36 installed. I am playing at a resolution of 1920x1080. For the 4gb RAM, would it crash my system since I only have 4gb ram installed?
  5. You could open up the advanced settings and try turning one setting up at a time. See what is causing the issue. My bet is on texture size.
  6. No, the RAM fix wouldn't crash your system. It will help with your texture loading and reduces crash to desktop problems.
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