Dual boot 2x windows 7

Hi I am Marc

does any body know how to dualboot win7?
I like to install office 2010 and office 2007 on each boot

have laptop msi ex720 dualcore{intelcore2)

best regards,

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  1. Well , to dual boot, it comes automatic, when you already have a windows 7 partition , then install another one.
    So did you already install the 2nd win 7 ?
    If no, just install,
    if yes , then run start up repair, it will make dual boot recognizable -
  2. Why not just run Office 2007 & 2010 side by side, they should be able to coexist, or use 2010 and save the files as 2007 version if needed.
  3. Why go to all the trouble of dual-booting Windows to run two versions of Office? Can you maybe explain what you are trying to accomplish by this?
  4. the only issue is that outlook 2007 can't co-exist with outlook 2010. But you could perhaps install them on two profiles on an 'only for this user' basis?
  5. You could look into virtualization as well. VMplayer, VirtualPC, and VirtualBox are all free solutions for you.

    You could install 2007 and 2010 in separate VMs (or one on your host and the other in a guest VM) and work on it simultaneously...no need to reboot.
  6. Don't forget that two installations of Windows 7 will require two licences. Seems to be a rather expensive option.
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