Favorite PS2 and PSP game's, my top 5

1. Kingdom Hearts- Simply amazing, I got like 80+ hours, it's really fun and addicting and for 2002 it was crowned GOTY for PS2. I hope they remake a Final Mix for the PS3 in HD. It's a guilty pleasure game claims X Play but still love it. Look it up it may look corny but I like it.

E3 and IGN favorite PS2 game 2002
Best Overall Game:

Kingdom Hearts

Publisher: Square-EA
Developer: SquareSoft

It was a highly debated subject in the office as to which game would make it to the top of our most-wanted lists. Graphics, Presentation, Innovation, Gameplay, Potential, and a myriad of other factors were all discussed and revisited a million times over (or, at least, a lot). But when all was said and done, the upcoming RPG release Kingdom Hearts shone through as the game we wanted the most.

Blending an excellent storyline with fantastic visuals and musical fare, this realtime RPG is arguably the first true "non-Final Fantasy" masterpiece to come out of Square since Chrono Trigger. Deep and involving, the adventures of Sora, Donald, and Goofy are something that IGNPS2 can't wait to tackle; a beautiful well-rounded game to be sure.

2. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep- Like the first one better Gameplay and AWESOME graphics.

3. Final Fantasy: Dissdia: Look it up and you'll see why...

4. Kingdom Hearts 2- I was dissapointed, it was a huge graphical and gameplay change but overall, it's story wasn;t that good. WAY TO EASY on hardest mode I beat it in like 2 days.

5. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1- Yes it's old graphics suck. But cutscenes were like watching the real show. Good gameplay and fun with hurcule LOL.
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  1. Man, I can't even think of my top 5. So many great PS2 games but I will say that Metal Gear 2 + 3 were definitely my favorite in PS2. They take First and Second place.
  2. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for sure. Wasn't a big fan of the raiden game though =/.
  3. PS2 is a ledgen. I will FIX my PS3 that is BC just to play KH...
  4. 1. GTA VC - I just prefer the music, story and similicty compared to SA
    2. MGS3
    3. MGS2
    4. Freedom fighters
    5. GT3
  5. 1. God of War
    2. God of War II
    3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
    4: Max Payne

    Can't think of anymore. I just recall these ones.
  6. 1. GTA Vice City - Best GTA ever made IMO.
    2. Timesplitters
    3. MGS2
    4. Red Faction
    5. Max Payne 1&2
  7. 1. Armoured Core Nexus ( I wish they released one on PC)
    2. V rally 3
    3. Tomb Raider
    4. Crash Bandicoot
    5. whatever old fishing game that was that i played for hours on end ..lol
  8. Ps2 made my childhood LOL that and house of mouse and Dragon Ball Z
  9. 1. Fight Night Round 3 (Both PSP and PS2), I play the PS2 version while at home with my custom created character or Pacquiao and then play the PSP version when at work. Im simply an addict. never been beaten in a 2 player game (PS2) and adhoc (PSP).
    2. Final Fantasy X (PS2) - I play when Im feeling cheesy
    3. Crisis Core (PSP) - sill the best looking PSP game in my eye
    I cant think of my 4 and 5..
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