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Hello. i want to buy a xbox 360 slim 250gb console, but i would like to know if it still has problems?

Does it still overheat and get RROD.
Can i play it for hours on end with a fan aimed at it to keep it cool.
also how can i fix my MW3 disc it has a perfect circle? my old xbox did it and i have taken it to the video shop to get it fixed twice and it is slowly getting better and the scratch is pretty much gone but will still say unreadable after 30 sec of gameplay, where as before it would say unreadable in the game menu. so would it work if i take it in for another clean at the store?

Thankyou for any help.
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    I have had 5 360's fail, but they were all the original model. I believe the slim ones (and later model originals) are a lot more reliable.

    As for the scratch, a circular scratch is bad. Try and trade it in! maybe try a different store though :)
  2. yay my MW3 now works after one more polish today at the video shop. :)

    i just bought the new xbox so thats cool. Plus the new fan MS put on the side of the new xbox should help with cooling alot.

    1 more quick question, how can i put photos on the xbox by disc? i had a USB 8GB but lost it so i cannot do the stuff i want to lol. Would the xbox rip photos from a disc?

    if not can i copy them from media center on my windows 7 pc by using an ethernet cable to the 360?
    Can i access my pictures library on my pc from the 360 and set the [icture as the dashboard background? any help greatly apreciated.

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