D3D drivers

Hello, what does this mean?what should I do?
Fatal error
No D3D driver with hardware acceleration found.
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  1. D3D is short for Direct3D. Reinstall your graphics card drivers and ensure the game/program you're running is using your installed graphics card (Hardware) to render video and not the onboard controller with it's software.

    This is usually a result of an incompatible graphics card though, so first of all you need to make sure your graphics card is compatible with the game/program you're running, and that it's up to date with the latest software.
  2. try to go to the devices,
    click start menu> right click computer>properties>device manager.
    Try to see it the 'Display adapter' shows Standard VGA graphic adapter.
    If it does then the problem lies there. It shoud show the Video Graphic device you have on your computer and you cannot just update it since it will just say that your device is upto date.
    Solution: Download 'DriverMax' heres the link: http://www.innovative-sol.com/dmx.htm
    and click driver downloads> Scan driver software> Find your Standard VGA graphic adapter.>Click update.
    After that you should install and restart your computer.
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