Upgrades for BF3

Hello my friends.

Ok following is my system:

Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16 GHz
500 GB HDD
Radeon 4870 with around 850 MB RAM

So I am playing BF3 - holding quite strong but in Multiplayer the FPS drops when there is a lot of action going on. I am playing one like middle setting without AA and stuff.

I do now have a limited budget for Upgrades around Christmas which pretty much says - either I get a new CPU /Board or a new Video Card. Now like every Magazine or Site I read was like "blablablabla you need at least 4 cores - buy some I7 or AMD FX Bulldozer". But somehow the charts (if they had any) showed something different.

Then I got here and saw the BF3 Videocard and CPU test. And it showed that there is only like a 8 FPS difference between a 2 Core CPU and a 4 or even 8 core CPU.

So I thing the best investment for me would be a new video card?
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  1. A new video card is a must have.
  2. yeah, I think your CPU is good enough for that game, but GPU is on the lower end. Since BF3 is quite GPU intensive on high settings I think investing in a newer GPU would be a good choice for you.
  3. BF3 is a monster. So if you want to take it on...you'd need a pretty good upgrade.

    Yes, a new VC will provide you with the biggest bang for your buck upgrade. You'll be able to turn visuals up a notch.

    BUT, by keeping your CPU, you'll get the occassional sluttering (which is extremely frustrating in a MP environment).

    Note: Upgrading your CPU would probably mean upgrading your Motherboard, which leads to upgrading your RAM, and possibly other components.

    Hope this helps...

  4. Get a graphics card. I have the i7 2600k and while it does get decently hot (60's C with stock cooler), I don't ever see the performance meter max out (it's usually at like 30% when I look at it).

    Graphics are a must for this and most intense computer games. I would recommend a pretty solid decently priced card like a 560ti. That way if you still have gaming problems you can get an i5 later for like $200 but you probably won't NEED to.

    You must get a better graphics card to improve your play and that is where you'll see the biggest improvement dollar for dollar.
  5. I could not run this game with out slowdowns to 4 +- fps with a core 2 duo e8400@ 4ghz and a gtx 570. Got a new shiny i7 2600k and all if well on ultra @1920x1080 :D
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