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Hello, i'm from italian tom's hardware website (unfortunately accounts are not linked) and i'm the developer of the Realistic Colors and Real Nights mod.

I'm here to ask some support/feedback to tom's international community. We already have great support from the russian community, but we want also a more "western-side" opinion about it. (this mod atm is in the russian top 3 list, with over 5000 downloads in the last 36h).

What is new?
- This is the first mod with a REAL post process HDR, we worked hard on it, and the fps loss (thanks to the nvidia technology behind the injector) is really minimal.
- Realistic color palette and enhanced night-time gameplay experience (now torch and catvision really care).

The new "Color Layer System" is not a "+100@saturation" like all mods out here, but is a new system based on a series of "cold sepia effects", everything in this mod is developed with really low saturation values.

What is different from ENB series?
- ENB IS NOT A REAL HDR INJECTOR, they only changed the 2d lensflare texture to simulate it, but this IS NOT an HDR. Realistic Colors and Real Nights uses a Real HDR process, no random laggy lens flare here.
- ENB cut your frames for about 35-50%, Realistic Colors and Real Nights have a loss of only 6fps in the worst case.
- better color choice
- about 0 saturation

you can find it on nexus here:

feedbacks are welcomed, i'll follow this thread to answer all questions/suggestions.
Endorse it on Nexus if u like!

Thanks and Regards from BungaBunga italy :)
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  1. Version 1.3HDR is out!

    **1.3** (10/12/2011)
    - New DoublePass HDR, 2 times better than a standard single pass HDR (more info in the mod page on Nexus)
    - added 2 different installation, one with RealisticWaterTextures and one without!
    - fixed the an issue with some monitor during night play.
    - daytime is more brighter and realistic
    - new sunglare effect, this is NOT a blingbling sunglare, is only a little revision of the standard one that was killing the HDR.
    - added full compatibility with the latest Skyrim patch
    - decreased again saturation
    - solved an issue with the blue channel that was too bright

    Let me know about bugs and issues! ;)
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