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Hi all,

I've been going through some of the back posts and there is a lot of information, but perhaps too much to make a real decision. I'm looking to build a new system and have all the components but the CPU, MoBo and Video card from my old box. (DVD, CDRW, SBLive5.1, LAN, HD)

Primary use of the system will be some gaming - DiabloII, Links, etc - surfing, basic word processing, etc. I will be running W2K as that is what I've been using for a while now and I'm comfortable with it.

With this in mind I'm looking at an T-bird 1 or 1.2 GHz, about 512 of RAM, probably a KyroII video card but am really not sure about the MoBo. I'm not into overclocking and really just want a good solid system that won't cause too many problems.

The K7S5A looks good and is cheap, but from the various posts it looks like there are some major production issues. I am probably leaning towards the ABIT KT7A or the Iwill KK266+, but want to know if going the VIA133A route is really shooting my foot off as there are a number of good VIA266A boards out there?

Does the above system seem ok for my aps or should I seriously look at spending the extra $ for the 266A?

Any thoughts, opinions, rants would be extremely appreciated.

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  1. Go for a 266a. The only one I have any experience with is the MSI Pro2-RU. It's been great! Not so great for XP though, from what I've heard.

    I don't want an Intel Inside! (all those sharp corners and pins)

    Atlanta, GA
  2. The ABIT KR7A-RAID board sounds sweet. If you don't want the raid just go for the KR7A. ABIT makes good boards but the board is the hardest part of the decision. I know you want a DDR board. You have ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE just to name a few. Who's the best flip a coin. Get a price range and then look on for your average prices and goto a local PC shop and see if they will match your best price. Its almost like buying a new car. Haggle. As for the vid card I think you would do better with a Nvidia Geforce2 GTS or Geforce 3 even ATI make good cards yet another decision, right.

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  3. get either the soyo dragon with the kt 266a or the epox....but definately get the kt266a...
  4. I realize that the quality control of ECS started lacking once that board got popular, but I do have to recommend it. You either get a bad one or a great one. You'll know right away if you have a problem.

    Mine worked right out of the box and for $55 my system performs on par with a much more expensive motherboard. Add to that the great onboard LAN and decent onboard sound and you really can build a good system for dirt cheap. You already have LAN and sound, but at least it would be a backup.

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  5. You might want to consider the nforce - but only for XP.

    I cant recommend VIA based on my previous bad experiences with the KT266A...
  6. You might try the Leadtek board, that company has a good reputation so far, and it's a faster board with the 735 chipset. If you want to spend more, the XP333 is looking nice so far.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
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