How well can the new PC I built play Skyrim?

I built a new PC for the first time, and I'm wondering how good it will be at playing Skyrim and other new games.
The cost of the parts (without peripherals, rebates, shipping, or tax) was $938

Intel Core i5-2500K
*I wasn't planning on overclocking, but since the 2500K wasn't much more expensive than some of the other i5s, I decided on this, as I may want to overclock in the future

G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR3 1333 Dual Channel 8GB (2 x 4GB)
HIS Radeon HD 6850 (on a 1920x1080 resolution monitor)
Corsair GS600 (600 watts)
GIGABYTE GA-Z68AP-D3 (Z68 chipset)
Thermaltake Element G case
Seagate ST31000524AS (1TB)
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (OEM)

was this a good build?

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  1. could have a better GFX card, but that card could play skyrim 2 or 3 times over :P
  2. Its a good setup but you may wish to overclock that cpu right away. Skyrim uses only 2 cores, and ideally needs them at a clock speed of 3.6ghz. Do that and your gpu will be fine on high settings at that resolution.

    I refer you to:,review-32318-9.html

    You will see your cpu listed - and the relative clock speed to fps.

    The point is - Skyrim is more cpu intensive, than gpu intensive. Also - Nvidia cards perform better with it. Do expect large drops in framerate. I get them all the time and I have a better card. ;-)
  3. Can a stock cooler handle 3.6GHz, or will I have to buy a fan like a cooler master hyper212+ to do that safely?
  4. For any overclocking I'd recommend that you get a new cooler. Stock cooler might be able to handle the .3 ghz increase, but why risk it? Get a better one. What kind depends on how much you wish to overclock. If you wanted to go above the 3.6 (which is starting to enter overclocker pro territory) is going to need some serious cooling. For 3.6 you need something solid with good performance.

    The hyper212+ has some good reviews, and would provide just enough cooling for that amount of overclock. Again though - I'd recommend going a little pricier, say $50 dollars for something that takes the temp way down. Good luck :)
  5. I think you should be able to play Skyrim without any problems with that setup, my rig is way below yours and i play it fine at max with 1080*. You maybe might want to overclock your cpu, you can get quite a few fps more when doing so. I don't think it's necessary to OC your gpu, you can if you want to but it's a very good GPU at stock anyways and will handle Skyrim like slicing butter with a hot knife.

    Just remember to keep your pc clean, like for example running Glary Utilities once a week (it's free). :)
  6. Game runs fine for me on my slightly overclocked E8400, 4 GB RAM, and slightly overclocked EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 SSC. I run everything on high and 8x AA 16x AF and the game is more than playable.
  7. @1680x1050 by the way.
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