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i bought a new computer a few weeks ago, and now im trying to play wow on it, but i get 1 (!) Fps when i log on, and it stays at 1 fps.. so it is unplayable, and i have no addons / background programs running whatsoever, and this problen isnt only with wow, in other ( not graphic demanding ) games like sims 3, even with lowest settings the game runs smoothly for like 3 secs, then freezes for 3 secs and so on... WHAT is causing this problem? im lost, please someone help me, my specs are AMD v140 2.30 GHz and 4gb RAM, i know its not good but it sure should be enough to run wow..
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  1. What graphics card do you have? Your CPU is fairly weak, so if you're running with onboard graphics this is pretty much what can be expected.

    WoW and Sims 3 require a decent graphics processor to properly function, and if you expect the single-core mobile AMD CPU (I assume you're talking about a laptop computer according to the V-series AMD CPU) to control all that, you're going to get crappy performance. Also, because this is a laptop, I'm guessing upgrading or installing a graphics card is out of the question due to obvious financial and practical constraints, not to mention that the motherboard or power supply in that laptop most probably won't even support the addition of a graphics card.
  2. Complete system specifications, please.
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