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Battlefield 3 installation with SecuRom

I just got myself Battlefield 3.
I learnt that it was protected by SecuRom.
I have a doubt here.
I have RMAed my hard disk and expect it back sometime next week.
I just can't hold any longer. I wanna play the game right now.
I have this doubt regarding the number of instance i get to install the game....
None of my hardware will change save the Hdd.
Does securom identifies the system based on Hard drive or the LAN?
Does installation in the same pc with a different hard disk and a new OS be considered as a different instance?
PLEASE Answer....
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  1. As far as I know, there is no install limit. The game registers with Origin and you need to be logged into origin to play.
  2. Thanks for the reply... But the link still doesn't make it very clear.
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    The license is bound to your Origin account, not your hard drive. You can install it as many times anywhere you want as long as you login with your Origin account to play it.
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  5. Hope you are right
  6. Also, could you tell me if two people can install and play the game simultaneously using the same licence key?
    I wanted to play this with my brother. Can both of us play simultaneously using my key and account?
  7. ^No. Because the key is tied to your Origin account and it will only let you have one active instance of Origin logged in. If you log in on a 2nd computer it will say you are already logged in, do you want to cancel your current connection... or something like that.
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