Skyrim crash in one spot

Hi everyone, ok i decided to do the mages guild so i get to the first or second quest, the one where you go into the excavation site. you start off by getting enchanted rings, and then you get a saarthal amulet which traps you inside this room. to get out of the room you wear the amulet and use a destruction spell or a shout on the wall. the moment i use the spell the wall smashes, the game freezes and i have to CTRL ALT DELETE to get out of the game.
Does anyone know how i can fix this cause i love this game
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  1. did you talk to the teacher before destroying the wall? he walks up to the gate and says something like "looks like your in a bind now". And he suggests how to get out.

    My point is to try both talking to him and not talking to him before destroying the wall, that may help.
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