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Epox 8kha+ probs

Last response: in Motherboards
a b V Motherboard
December 15, 2001 4:15:24 AM

I am having trouble with this board in two areas.

1st- is the AC97 on-board sound does not work too well. The sound is delayed about 2 seconds and I can barley hear it with the sound level set all the way up with win98.

2nd- I installed a PCI modem. Windows detects but it does not dial out, absolutely no dial tone. Modem works fine in other systems

The drivers I am using are off the cd that came with the MB and the date on the cd is 10/30/2001. I have downloaded the most current drivers off epox's site and will try those after writing this post. Just seeing if any of you know about these probs and the solutions.


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December 15, 2001 7:38:25 AM

About the modem, it has to be configured in Dial Up Properties in My Computer. There is a bit to it, and I don't have the time to describe it fully here. Go to a site like, and they will walk you through the whole process. It is not hard, but you have to pay attention, and once you do it a couple times, it becomes second nature, sort of.
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a b V Motherboard
December 15, 2001 6:25:41 PM

Well, I have installed the latest drivers. The sound is still barley audible and is still delayed. I think that this will be an easy fix.

As for the modem.
I have checked my settings for modem over and over again and all seems well but I just do not get any dial tone.
I have configured the modem in another PC using the ISP software and it works fine.

I am thinking that it may be a PCI prob but that win98 detects it is the part that gets me. System is really stable.

I went ahead and ordered a USB cable modem so I wont have to deal with this crap as far as the modem goes but I would like to figure the prob out. I have e-mailed epox and am expecting a reply on mon or tues. But any other suggestions are wanted.
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a b V Motherboard
December 15, 2001 9:49:38 PM

<i>..."I have checked my settings for modem over and over again and all seems well but I just do not get any dial tone..."</i>

Have you *disabled* the serial ports in the BIOS? If you have not, the PCI modem will not work, i.e. not get a dial tone due to an IRQ conflict.

December 16, 2001 3:44:06 PM

this is kinda silly but my friend had this problem so don't rule it out.
If you get everything configured correctly and don't get a dial tone make sure your phone cable is plugged into the line in of the modem and not the line out. I know some modems have two phone plugs, one to plug the modem into the wall, and one to plug a phone into the modem. My friend got them mixed up and it was driving him crazy because he had no idea what was wrong because everything was configured correctly.
a b V Motherboard
December 16, 2001 4:15:16 PM

Most people have made that mistake before.
I have tried everything I can think of. I must be missing something in the BIOS.
As far as the AC97 problem I have heard of others having the exact same prob as I am with this board.