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We just moved and since I set up our entertainment system (Sony LCD TV, PS3, Sony surround sound) we don't/barely hear audio in our movies. It doesn't happen in every movie but in most of them. But when I switch the audio from English to another language those come in very clear. I made sure the audio output on the PS3 is HDMI and automatic but it doesn't make a difference. Any ideas?
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  1. I don't know your audi setup, but you can change the PS3 audio from PCM to bitstream or vice-versa and see if it makes a difference.
  2. I tried changing from those settings and then the spanish and french became muffled like the English; went back and then it was just english being muffled again
  3. Hrmmm... have you checked the audio settings within the movie menu other than the language? I'd imagine you would have, but I'm just trying to cover the bases.

    Perhaps this will offer some clues.
  4. Run a sound check on your surround sound speakers or AV amp, sounds like your center speaker is disconnected.
  5. Yeah the first place I looked was the movie settings, and there is nothing on it. At first when the HDMI was going straight to our TV we couldn't hear any voices, but when we directed it into our stereo we were barely able to hear the voices. So we have the problem with both the stereo (currently only using 2 speakers) and our TV.

    I'm going to try and reset my PS3 to the stock defaults tomorrow but if someone knows anything else that would be great
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