Help. New MotherBoard+Graphics Card = FPS Faceplant?

So heres the deal, I used to run a 2.8 ghz athlon in a basic HP bundle with integrated gfx. i later replaced the integrated gfx card with a 4800 radeon. could run most settings high and retain a 60+ fps cap and never bow under any load from the game.

But like all gamers i craved more power. So i bought a brand new Motherboard

And a new GFX Card

and since it was such a change i had to reinstall my windows OS, Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I got everything re installed , my drivers and wow, it now asks me to Allow this program to make changes when opening wow, which it never did before. My mouse doesnt work right, only half the buttons work now. and the random lag from the mouse glitching is new, also i ran on ultra for a while it seemed to be alright then all of a sudden fps went to crap. i dropped all the hard settings to lowest it seemed to help but the game still isnt even in comparison to what i had before with worse hardware? What i notice most is randomly i will bog to 4fps. and it will not pick itself back up till the boss is downed or i die. It makes no sense to me. Im bummed because this seems to have been a waste of money. If anyone has an answer it would be amazing.

Thanks Chris

3.4Ghz AMD Phenom II [ GiGaBite Board] XFX Radeon HD 6790 [600w Power Supply]
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  1. Wait... Why would you spend that kind of money on a motherboard, but get a GFX card like that? That makes absolutely no sense to me. But OK, bad choices aside -

    The asking to "allow changes upon opening" is a standard Win7 thing these days. Specially in games that require authentication or has to use the registry or save updates and synchronized files on the PC. You have to always click "Yes" or it won't work.

    Also, we need to know the game you're running and how much RAM you have. If you're still using the Athlon 2.8, then that's definitely your issue here. A new motherboard and GFX card can easily be slowed down so badly by your CPU that you can have a decrease in performance from your previous setup. I had the same thing happen to me when I installed a 7600GT in an antique Celeron system (1.2GHz or something, with 256MB RAM on a 40GB HDD (that HDD was MASSIVE)) a few eons ago, and it was solved a little by replacing the 7600GT with an *cough cough* FX5200 (man, those were the days).
  2. Im running a AMD Phenom II X2. I replaced the athlon long ago. But the phenom is a dual core, and it may be capping out. Running World Of Warcraft. have 4g of ram (had 5 but new MB didnt like the timing on the 1g i had. FPS Still facpalms randomly. Boggling.
  3. Try CCleaner to remove all broken drivers, software and unneeded crap. Do a registry clean as well, and see if it solves anything.
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