How much graphics does AMD Mobility Raedon HD 4250 support

please tell me specifically that how much graphics AMD Mobility Raedon HD 4250 support whether 256 or 512. is there any possibility of extending graphics card for laptops
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  1. A quick google shows 512mb.

    For anything more then the odd casual or indie game its not going to cut it.
  2. 4250 is a VERY weak GPU if you're looking to play video games

    extending the card - no

    there's an external GPU solution, I cannot remember the name for it right now, but it's something around $300 for just casing leaving you with having to purchase a desktop gpu card.
  3. ^^^

    It's called ViDock, but in order to use it the laptop must have a PC Express slot which seems to be disappearing in more recent laptops.

    Unfortunately, the Radeon HD 4250 is a slow video card. Even the Intel HD 3000 graphics core found in all laptop that uses a Sandy Bridge (2nd generation) Core i3/i5/i7 is more powerful than that.
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